Ten Great Parks in Tustin

When you move to a new city you have to look at much more than just the house you’ll be living in. The time you spend inside of your house accounts for less of your day than what you spend outside. It is important that you pick a place where soccer games can be played, birthdays can be celebrated and photos of important moments can be taken. To be able to do all of these things your home town needs spectacular parks.


Cedar Grove Park: Cedar Grove has various attributes that make it a wonderful park to visit. Inclusive of play structures, basketball courts, and wide open fields it accounts for all aspects of fun.

Address: 11385 Pioneer Rd, Tustin, CA 92782


Centennial Park: This park invites those from all directions, having four different paths from local neighborhoods. Located in the center of Tustin Meadows, Centennial, has plenty to do. From hand ball courts to swing sets this park has it all.

Address: 14722 Devonshire Ave, Tustin, CA 92780


Citrus Ranch Park: This beautiful place of scenery is the perfect place for homecoming pictures. Filled with different sights of nature, Citrus Ranch makes for an amazing hiking day, going along all of the many trails. After a long hike up to the top of the park, you can rest under the gazebo for a nice picnic lunch.

Address: 2910 Portola Pkwy, Tustin CA, 92780


Columbus Tustin Park: Sports is the focus of this park without a doubt! The piece of land is inclusive of basketball courts, softball fields, tennis courts, and a track. Soccer games are often played in the open fields and small games of handball on the handball wall on the blacktop. If you have children who play organized youth sports you will most definitely spend some of your time at Columbus Tustin.

Address: 14712 Prospect Ave, Tustin, CA 92780


Heritage Park: Heritage has something that most parks in Tustin do not! Heritage has a roller hockey rink. Made with cement this rink allows for fun games of roller hockey to be played by teams or with friends from the neighborhood. Besides the rink there is a basketball court, playground, and large field area perfect for a game of ultimate frisbee.

Address: 2350 Kinsman Circle, Tustin, CA 92780


Peppertree Park: In the realm of Old Town Tustin is Peppertree Park. Besides from the general park characteristic like a playground and field area, Peppertree has a newly integrated Bocci ball court, a softball field and a stage. In the summer the stage is taken up by local and traveling bands on Wednesday nights for what is called “Concerts in the Park.”

Address: 230 W. First Street, Tustin, CA 92780


Pine Tree Park: If you are looking for a smaller place to bring your family to relax, Pine Tree is the place to be. There is an open field for any activity you want, a playground for the kids and a sand court for an intense volleyball tournament.

Address: 1402 Bryan Avenue, Tustin, CA 92780


Pioneer Road Park: Influenced with the history of early travelers is Pioneer Road Park. Wagon shaped play structures fill the woodchip covered areas. There are water fountains that shoot into the air for hot days after running around. A great place for those who want to have educational fun.

Address: 10250 Pioneer Road, Tustin, CA 92782


Tustin Sports Park: Quite similar to the things pertaining to Columbus Tustin, there are basketball courts, softball fields, tennis courts and open fields for games of soccer. In addition there is a famous snack shack filled with delicious treats that is located near the playground.

Address: 12850 Robinson Drive, Tustin, CA 92782


Bent Tree Park: In North Tustin, this park is great to take your family or dogs to. A large grass field is available for football games or even hitting a wiffle ball. Aside from the open space for picnics and get togethers there is a nice playground settled into sand along with a volleyball court.

Address: 1781 Lemon Heights Dr North Tustin, CA 92705


Families from all around, “park” yourselves in Tustin to be surrounded in community fun.  Here’s a link to the Tustin Parks & Recreation home page for more information: Tustin Parks & Recreation


Written by Guest Blogger – Sabrina Thorn