Sell Your Home During the Holidays


Yes! You can sell your home during the holidays.  There is no reason to wait until next year.  List your home now and you may have it sold by 2016!

  1. Inventory is low, so there is less competition from other sellers.
  2. Less competition means more attention from buyers.
  3. There is less buyer traffic than in the spring, but the buyers who are out there are generally serious.
  4. People spend more money in the 4th quarter of the year.
  5. Your home will look more festive and appealing during the holidays.
  6. Interest rates are lower – buyers can afford more.
  7. Buyers take more vacations now – have more leisure time to look.
  8. Our winter weather is generally pretty temperate – easier to show homes.
  9. Buyers who want to buy for tax purposes will want to close before the end of the year.
  10. There is more social buzz this time of year on the web, at parties and other social gatherings. More opportunities for people to discuss your home and its attributes!

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