High School Football in Tustin

Written by Guest Blogger – Sabrina Thorn

September 1st at 7 pm, Foothill High School hosted the annual rivalry game against Tustin High School at Northrup Stadium. Both teams were confident going into the game, fans stacked in the stands. The first quarter started off with a quick touchdown by Tustin High School’s running back, Kc Carr III. Tustin made it back to back touchdowns with a run just minutes after the first, pushing the lead to 14-0. Feeling a little kicked down, Foothill brought force to the table and managed three points against the Tillers with a field goal. 

The fans on the Tustin side were still just as enthused. The previous two years, the Knights had taken the trophy, which made it even more exciting to be in the lead for the Tillers. Tustin and Foothill students continued to exchange cheers from across the field and hype up the game with their spirit. The Knights eventually scored a touchdown later in the game, with the Tillers progressively building their score.

The end result left the Knights behind the Tillers. Tustin won the rivalry game with a leading score of 48-10. It was a hard earned and well played game by the Tillers and a good start to the rivalry season.

Here’s to the basketball rivalry game in the winter!

For more information on Tustin Schools:  https://www.tustin.k12.ca.us/