If you want to be successful at something, you have to have a plan. My approach to assisting you with buying real estate is very strategic. I begin working with all buyers by doing a buyer consultation. During one of our first few meetings, we will sit down and I will ask you to complete a survey of your real estate wants and needs. In this interview, I will ask you numerous questions and listen carefully to your answers. One very important question is “When do you want to be in your next home?. Your answer will determine how frequently we meet, and the timeline of when we should be writing offers. The more I know about you, and what is important to you, the more quickly I can find your next home. The investment of our time upfront will produce better results for you.

Once we find your dream home, it is important that you are positioned to have your offer accepted. Sellers, be they individuals or banks, want qualified buyers. I will work with you to highlight your qualifications to all sellers, and when possible, present those qualifications in person.



As with anything in life, the first time you do it, it can be scary! The more you know about the buying process before you purchase, the easier it becomes. I begin working with all buyers by performing a buyer consultation. First, I ask you to complete a detailed survey which gives me some basic understanding of what you are looking for and assesses your readiness as a buyer. It is my job as your agent to make sure you are qualified as an “A” buyer in the eyes of the seller, so you can get the home that you want.

Part of the assessment is financial. Many first time buyers do not realize that they are not only buying a home, they are buying a loan. They begin their search by first looking at homes, then exploring whether or not they can afford it! If you have begun your search in this manner, you may have set up unrealistic expectations about what you want vs. what you actually can afford. If you have not already been prequalified with a lender, I can assist you with this process. By obtaining a complete good faith estimate from a lender, the stress of knowing what your monthly obligation will be is gone. Knowledge is power!

I also review the purchase contract in detail with first time buyers BEFORE you make an offer. You should see and fully understand how the California Residential Purchase Agreement works before you write your first offer! Very few agents make your education a top priority. I feel it is my fiduciary duty to do so.